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Tesla Powerwall Connect Cable. [Per 1m Length]

Tesla Powerwall Connect Cable. 3x6.0mm² Power Conductors. 2x1.5mm² 12V Conductors. 2 x 2 Core Data.
£7.70 excl VAT

X-Board 300

X-Board 300 Universal Cable Winder - 300kg Capacity
£110.00 excl VAT

X-Board 500

Universal cable drum rewinder and unwinder Suitable for all types of cables, pipes, wires and cable drums Loadable up to 800 kg
£220.00 excl VAT

X-Board 300 Set

X-Board 300 Universal Cable Winder - 300kg Capacity FULL SET
£188.00 excl VAT

Multifunction Mandrel

Can be used in combination with XB 300 and XB 500 Allows loose cable bundles and individual wires to be rolled Telescopic centre mandrel, extendable up to 294 mm this allows high cable bundles or corresponding tube bundles to be accommodated
£51.00 excl VAT